How to jump start your career as a fresh graduate

Many of us are scared towards adulting, why? Because you got bills, moving out of your parents house, search for your own apartment, getting that 2 months deposit and 2 months advanced rent and so on. Yes, it is pretty scary because you are not financially capable of doing it all just yet. You have not had the experience standing on your feet without your parents support or without asking them for help. You are in desperate need of a job and want to know how to start your career as a fresh graduate. In a modern world now, it is very competitive unless you came from an Ivy League School or you are a tech nerd.

1. Get references form your professors, lecturers and internship supervisors.

This is essential because you have never had a full time job and the only way for employers to know that you are reliable and efficient at the job you are applying for are from your references. Now, many employers do not want to be bothered and would not want to be as one of your reference. So I suggest to build a close and professional relationship with them and show them what you are capable of.

2. Research about the company, their mission & vision statements and their work culture.

By doing this you would know what to put for the next step of jump starting your fresh graduate career. It is essential to know as much information about the brand or company you are planning to apply to. Why? Because it shows interest and that you are ready to step in to that role you are applying for. It also helps you to get to know the company and how people work in it. Don’t forget, it is as important to know if you really want to work in that work environment and not just if the company should hire you. What you want is more important than what the company wants. So choose wisely before you apply!

Many fresh graduates include the sports they joined in universities or the clubs that they were part of. Let me break this to you but no one really looks at it and it takes up space for relevant information.  Instead, put your volunteering work at your community (if you did any) or online courses you took that is valuable for the job that you are applying for.  You have to shift your CV towards the job you are applying for. Do not send out the same exact CV to 10 different companies. Make sure you do some revisions or adjustments towards to what the companies go for. There are useful websites that you can use to create a beautiful CV from scratch. 

3. Read the news and stay updated with current events.

This is one of the most important tip in order to prepare yourself. Many employers do not take fresh graduates seriously because they know that you do not have any experience in the “real” world as they say. To impress hiring managers, it is important to mention some current events to them during your interview to let them know that you are not just about tiktok, snapchats and instagram. And that you also take your time to stay updated to what is going on with the world.

I suggest you watch the news every morning at breakfast, read the news while you’re on the toilet (I do that) or just when you wake up in the morning. Read about finance, world news and technology from BBC, Businessinsider and other trusted sites. Those are the most interesting parts I usually read about. It keeps me knowledgeable and open minded.

4. Have a goal.

Everyone has a goal that’s for sure but not everyone does anything about it. Action is better than words. If you make it a goal to get that very first job or internship and if you actually do something about it with resilience then you will get it. There are ways for you to set your goals step by step. For example, learn how to use the method S.M.A.R.T and you will surely come up with an achievable realistic goal in no time.

5. Dress to impress.

To me this is pretty much a big factor when showing up to that personal or virtual interview. Because the human brain works by initially judging your appearance then they decide wether they can trust you or not by having their first conversation with you. So to make a good impression, look neat and presentable. You can find many sources online on how to dress up for an interview if you are not sure about the dress code.

6. Do not waste your money on short term happiness materials.

You have to act broke to be rich. That is one thing I learned to be financially secured. I am a girl and I love fashion, make up and the newest gadgets that are out. But I also learn the minimalist lifestyle. When you have less stuff around you and the place you live in it saves you money and gives you peace. Things that will only give you short term happiness are not worth the money. If you really want to jump start your career as a fresh graduate you need to save every dime to finally afford your own place to live in and learn the basics of saving.

7. Eat clean and workout 5x a week.

Are you wondering why you are so lazy? Especially during the lockdown? Its because you have not done anything but sit on your a** the whole day watching Netflix and be on your phone watching repeated snapchat & ig stories. In order for your brain to work and get on with your career goals you need to keep your blood flow going by making your heart work. How? 20 minutes of workout everyday is the best way to do it. There are a lot of videos online for a 20 minutes HIIT workout session. If you integrate that in your daily routine then you will have a clearer vision of your self.

8. Follow CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Founders and other successful people in social media.

Have you ever seen a picture of a guy or a girl wearing a sexy picture and it makes you want to have their body? and at the same time makes you feel bad because you wish you had a body like that? Well, its the same if you follow those successful people who have done well in their professional lives. You would want to feel and be like them. And that kind of motivation is not bad. Because it pushes to be the better version of yourself. The best platform to get connected to these influencers are from Linkedin

9. Ask for help or speak to someone.

There are good days and there are bad days. Most of the times we feel like there are more bad days. And feel down and hopeless… its okay to feel that way. It’s normal. Talk to someone about your challenges and why you are stuck. Don’t just give up. Someone else’s perspective and them giving you an advice on how to do it is better than you giving up and letting go of that chance.

So good luck in your journey! Remember if you want to be happy and have success it will be hard but it will be rewarding.


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